Service Projects

The Club's Members takes on numerous projects within the community each year in support of the Club's Mission Statement.

One of the Club's favorite activities is the presentation of Dictionaries to third graders throughout the greater Buena Vista area. Club members travel to Avery-Parsons Elementary School and Daren Patterson Christian Academy in Buena Vista as well as elementary schools in Leadville and Fairplay to present the dictionaries. This service activity has been performed by the club for 17 years. (Photo Courtesy of Jim Mills Photography)

Each year the local Salvation Army solicits volunteers to ring the bell and collect donations at locations around the town of Buena Vista during the Christmas Holiday Season. For the past several years Rotary and Interact Club members have donated their time to this worthwhile endeavor. At the left we see two Rotarians and three Interact Club Members attempting to keep warm while ringing away in front of City Market.


Every spring and fall the Members of the Rotary Club and its associated Interact Club clean a two mike stretch of Highway 285 south of town. This fall over 15 individuals turned out to clean the ditches along the roadway of trash deposited there by tourists and locals alike as they speed north and south. The good turnout was credited to a strong sense of civic duty by those that participated and the promise of an ice cream treat at the end of the morning's hard work.


In recent years Rotary Club of Buena Vista members, along with a member from the Salida Club, collaborated to build the Habitat house which is going up on West Main St.  The house was a duplex and was built using the latest in construction techniques and including enhanced insulation properties.



Additional Service projects may be found on the President's Corner page.

In addition to the local service activities, the Club has supported a number of Rotary International projects including the RI Foundation that supports the world-wide Polio Vaccine program (POLIO PLUS), aimed at stamping out Polio throughout the world, orphanages around the world, water purification projects in third world countries, literacy programs, and hunger relief programs; Group Study Exchange; and support for  a Juarez, Mexico orphanage, visited along with members of the Interact Club.

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